Golden Gibson - 50th Anniversary Firebird Announced

Reverse body model features gold burst finish and gold-plated hardware   20-Mar-13

Golden Gibson - 50th Anniversary Firebird Announced

Gibson USA has introduced the 50th Anniversary Firebird, which they describe as a glorious gold-on-gold tribute to the revolutionary original 'Bird. They tell us that the 50th Anniversary Firebird is crafted with all the hallmarks that made the original Firebird unique, including the through-neck construction, versatile contemporary Firebird mini-humbucking pickups, and reversed six-a-side headstock with "banjo" tuners (upgraded to Steinberger gearless tuners on this guitar). It's all dressed in a spectacular Bullion Gold nitrocellulose finish with gold hardware and a black pickguard hot-stamped in gold with "50th Anniversary 1963-2013" and the traditional Firebird phoenix, for a look befitting its "Golden Anniversary" status.

To kick it all up a notch in the tonal stakes, Gibson says that they have equipped the 50th Anniversary Firebird with its new breed of re-engineered Firebird Mini Humbucking pickups. They tell us that, loaded with ceramic magnets and wound with 44 AWG wire in the neck position and 45 AWG wire in the hotter bridge position, these dual-blade humbuckers achieve classic Firebird tone with added punch and clarity. The company says that a set of high-tech Steinberger gearless in-line tuners offer unparalleled efficiency while retaining the traditional "no keys" look that preserves the elegant "bird's beak" lines of the headstock and that the pairing of a Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece offers rock-solid sustain and precise intonation.

A spokesperson told us, "With all hardware plated in genuine gold, it's the perfect look for a 50th Anniversary celebration."


  • Mahogany body available with stunning Gold Burst finish
  • Mahogany neck with slim, fast Firebird profile
  • Pair of Firebird Mini Humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions
  • Gold plated Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece
  • Steinbergerâ„¢ gearless in-line tuners with 40:1 tuning ratio

Pricing and Availability:

$3,332 msrp

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