Amped Bitesize Review: Boss TE-2 Tera Echo

It's sort of like a delay, but not quite!   19-Mar-13

    MP4 9:21 mins    


We are reviewing a Boss pedal every day for a month in March, and today, on day 19, it's the turn of the brand new Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal, a pedal we've already done a full review of (which you can watch here).

We're looking at 30 pedals this month, and then on the final day of March, we'll be doing a round up of our favourites. The idea being that you can quickly watch our bitesize reviews and compare one Boss pedal to another, and quickly see if you like the sound.

The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo is neither a delay or a reverb, so what is it? We'll leave the explanation up to Rich...

Rich's verdict - "The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo is basically triggered by your input signal, it has a set tail pattern which will sound off at the pitch of the note you input. I demonstrate this quite early on in the video above. The tail pattern is similar to that of a delay pedal, when it repeats the input signal a set number of times.

"But on the TE-2, the delay repeats are not at fixed intervals, and this is what makes it interesting. You might play a note, then it will repeat after 50ms, then again after 120ms, then again after 500ms. The delay time gets shorter and longer, and the pitch and EQ also modulates.

"It means you can really use the pedal as a partner, playing along with it, reacting to it as it reacts to your input signal. I really like it, it encourages creativity, it sounds great, and it's very ethereal at times, if you like to explore soundscapes and want your guitar to sound a bit like a synth, then this pedal is definitely worth a try. If you play ambient music, this is an obligatory purchase."

RRP - £135

More info - Boss TE-2 info page


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