Ever Had A Guitar Stolen From You? There's Still Hope You'll Get It Back

Joe Ely's guitar returned after 27 years   18-Mar-13

Far too many guitarists know what it's like to have a guitar stolen from them, it's heart-wrenching, a guitar holds so much sentimental value and they become part of the family.

Well if you've had your guitar stolen in the past, even if it was a long time ago, then there's still a chance you might get it back, as proven by Joe Ely.

Guitarist Joe Ely had his guitar stolen 27 years ago, but was reunited with it at a gig in San Francisco by a fan who'd stumbled over the guitar in a pawn shop.

Matt Wright, the man who found the guitar, purchased it, and then gave it back to Ely, who couldn't believe his luck.

Ely told the Los Angeles Times:


"We were all exhilarated, we were dancing around and passing the guitar back and forth. It was amazing. The guy came and brought the guitar yesterday, and presented it to me onstage last night.

"After he told the whole story onstage, we figured out where the guitar had been stolen, and it was only about three blocks from Slim's."


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