Ever Seen a Man Play a Guitar With a Hair Comb?

Well now you have   16-Mar-13

Woah, how did this pass us by when it came out in June? Actually, we know the answer to that question, we were at NAMM when this video came out, so anything that wasn't a new guitar or pedal was pretty much off our radar. But in this video, guitar extraordinaire Mattias IA Eklundh, plays new song 'Musth' with a hair comb.

He's well known for his out of the ordinary guitar playing methods, 'Freak Guitar' as he calls it, where he has played with all manner of things, including chopsticks. Eklundh is the undisputed king of harmonics, and now he is the undisputed king of playing guitar with a hair comb!

His new album Smorgasbord was released on Steve Vai's label, and features some of the greatest guitar playing you will ever hear. We interviewed Mattias a while back, when he was nearing completion of the album, to talk about what it would hold in store.

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