Amped Bitesize Review: Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

Tubey blues sounds from the 60s and beyond   13-Mar-13

    MP4 5:2 mins    


We are reviewing a Boss pedal every day for a month in March, and today, on day 13, it's the turn of the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, for cranking it up a little higher than Boss' standard overdrive pedal.

We're looking at 30 pedals this month, and then on the final day of March, we'll be doing a round up of our favourites. The idea being that you can quickly watch our bitesize reviews and make a quick decision on whether you like what you hear for each of Boss' compact pedals.

The Boss SD-1 is an overdrive pedal with "AC-inspired" British combo-amp tone.

Rich's verdict - "I feel really comfortable messing around with this pedal, and I'm a tube freak, so that says a lot about the authenticity of the pedal's tone. It give you a lot more distortion than the standard Boss overdrive pedal, so for added flexibility, I'd choose this. If you're looking for something really high gain, then this pedal will probably disappoint you, but for 60s and 70s rock tones, this little stompbox is outstandingly convincing for the price. Actually, price doesn't even come into it, it's just a great little pedal in its own right, and holds it own against an increasingly saturated overdrive stompbox market."

RRP - £89

More info - Boss BC-2 Combo Drive


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