Guthrie Govan Uses New TC Looper

New YouTube vid shows his first shot on the much-anticipated Ditto   04-Mar-13

TC Electronic has been in touch to tell us that the most anticipated pedal of 2013 is just about ready to hit the streets. They are talking about their Ditto looper and say that they have seen them leave the warehouse and it's just a matter of the stores receiving them now. They've also released a video of Guthrie Govan using one alongside a  Flashback X4 delay.

A spokesperson told us, 'The video was shot at the Hilton Hotel during the Namm show, right after handing the Ditto Looper to Guthrie. That is how easy it is use!"

<b>Pricing and Availability:</b><br>

129 USD / 129 EUR / 105 GBP

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