Fruity Orange Amps Meme Is Food For Thought

Grocerock and roll... and roll   04-Mar-13

Fruity Orange Amps Meme Is Food For Thought

This is a great picture, posted by a chap named Greg Bizup on Orange's Facebook page. With the caption:

"The new Orange orange from Orange. Plug into this orange and you'll realize it's not just an orange, it's an Orange!"

Begs the question, what other food related musical gear could we dream up on a slow day at work? Perhaps edible plectrums (made from banana chips?), edible guitar strings made from liquorice, or just a whole 4/4 size guitar made from chocolate (we've seen birthday cake guitars).

Perhaps if we campaign hard enough online, we can actually get Orange to release a line of mini amplifiers in the shape of the fruit that shares their name... no harm in trying.

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