Eddie Van Halen Is Working In The Studio

Photo shows EVH at work   04-Mar-13

Eddie Van Halen Is Working In The Studio

Eddie Van Halen has posted a picture, showing him working in the studio. The photo was posted to his Facebook page without any caption, but he appears to be most likely working as a producer, alongside another producer.

The photo shows EVH sat alongside another man in the studio, only part of his face can be seen, but many people have claimed that it is hip hop legend, LL Cool J.

The hat certainly fits the bill, as LL Cool J is rarely photographed without a hat on.

If it is the famous hip hop star, it would support the idea that Eddie Van Halen is either working as a co-producer, or has recorded a guest part for an artist who is recording with LL Cool J.

EVH is currently recovering from diverticulitus, a disease which affects the intestines. He announced he had the illness in August 2012, and diverticulitis can take up to six months to recover from. The photograph shows he could be heading towards a full recovery.

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