Get Ready For A Month's Worth of Boss Reviews - Because We're Crazy

That's right, a pedal review, everyday for a month   27-Feb-13

Get Ready For A Month's Worth of Boss Reviews - Because We're Crazy

Every now and again, we agree to take on a task so monumental, that our physicians advise against it on health grounds.

The Boss bitesize review month was one of those tasks, we wanted to record a bitesize review of almost every single pedal in the Boss compact effects pedal range, and post one of those reviews, every day for a month.

We chose March as the month, and set to recording the reviews. The idea is that you can quickly compare pedals in the Boss compact range. If you couldn't decide which distortion sound you wanted to go for, you can watch a short video of each Boss distortion pedal, recorded under the same conditions, with the same amp settings, guitar, cables and microphones, by the same player, on the same day.

You can decide which one you best like the sound of, and Rich will give you an opinion on what we think of each Boss pedal.

The bitesize reviews start on Friday March 1st, and will run for 30 days. On the 31st day of March, we'll do a round up of our favourite Boss pedals.

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