Jon Gomm Masterclass - Is He Too Good To Be Real?

Gomm masterclass begs question of his very existence   27-Feb-13

A recent Jon Gomm percussive guitar playing masterclass video has given rise a the question - is he just a figment of our collective imagination?

As we all know, Jon Gomm is technically too good at playing guitar to actually exist in real life, but scientists have never been able to falsify Jon's claims that he is in fact a human being.

Best guesses from those working inside the guitar industry are that he is either an alien life form, sent to troll us and make us feel bad about our own guitar playing, or that he has been genetically engineered by Professor Frink, the fictitious Simpsons scientist.

For now, we'll have to accept the view put forward by Jon Gomm's management team that he is a human, and that we just all suck at playing guitar in comparison.

Unfortunately watching the nine minute long video above will just make you feel bad about yourself, but on the upside there is a strong possibility that you'll learn something.


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