iOS App Transforms Your Voice

Audiofile Engineering introduces Vio   27-Feb-13

Audiofile Engineering has announced Vio, the first app for iPhone and iPad released under their new Square B brand. They tell us that you can Morph and shape your voice by exploring Vio's mesmerizing and unique user interface, watch the entrancing graphics, and hear the transformation of your voice.

A spokesperson told us, "Vio is an amazing app for anyone who wants to experience their voice transformed beyond imagination. In the hands of an experienced musician or producer, Vio is a serious creative tool to design new vocal sounds."

Here's the details direct from Audiofile Engineering:

Sonic adventures – always in tune

Build sonic universes from your own voice. The innovative audio engine behind Vio goes far beyond existing voice effects to create novel, futuristic vocal styles. Vio's sound spaces vary in character from edgy and energetic to mellow and relaxing. Vio surprises and inspires your creativity: you may not intend to do something, and it comes out cool. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned professional, Vio's pitch correction technology ensures that everyone sounds in tune and is beautifully harmonized.

Touch Control

Explore each sound space by touching Vio's swirling particle vortex. Move the vortex around the screen and change how your voice is transformed - harmony is added or subtracted, melodies emerge and disappear, and reverberations shape shift. 

Double-tap the screen, loop what you have just sung or hummed, and focus on morphing your sound with the particle visualizer. 

Recording & Sharing
Record your performances and share them via email, SoundCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing. Choose between compressed and high quality audio files.

Advanced Features
Visit the Square B website to learn about advanced features like changing keys and recording high quality audio.

About Square B by Audiofile Engineering
Square B is Audiofile Engineering's new brand for music-based consumer entertainment apps. Vio is the first app released by Square B. Developing applications exclusively for Mac OS X and iOS, Audiofile Engineering is redefining the standards for Mac-based audio software. Its growing catalog of essential audio tools makes full use of the core technologies available in the latest Apple platforms. Audiofile Engineering products include FiRe 2 - Field Recorder, Sample Manager, Spectre, Quiztones, Rax and Fidelia.

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