Devi Ever Unveils MYOPIA Modulated Delay Prototype (Video)

Modulated delay that has a mind of its own   27-Feb-13

Devi Ever has uploaded a video showing off the prototype of the MYOPIA Modulated Delay cartridge. Devi's work with cartridge based stomps has attracted tens of thousands of dollars in pledges on Kick Starter, and the MYOPIA has been long awaited.

It's a nod to the Digitech PDS range, and was developed in conjunction with Infanem. The controls on the effect are:

Mod depth, mod width, feedback, delay time, and mix.

In the demo, it's clear to see that the modulated tail on the delay can either be used to create tight dance music style percussive melodies, or to bathe the signal in a sea of fluttering, shimmering repeats creating a cacophonic orchestra which shape-shifts with each note.

In short, it sounds like something we want to make love to. All night long.

No word on when it will all be ready for purchase, but we'll bring updates! Check out the video to hear it all in action.

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