New TC TonePrints

Free Reverb And Delay sounds from Paul Riario   20-Feb-13

New TC TonePrints

TC Electronic has announced the immediate availability of two brand-new TonePrints made in close collaboration with Guitar World's Paul Riario. Paul's two TonePrints are available free of charge via the TC website or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.

TC Electronic tells us that Paul spent some time at TC HQ towards the end of 2012 and got so inspired by the TonePrint concept he decided to do two TonePrints of his own right on the spot. They say that this resulted in the Church of St. Paul Reverb TonePrint, a very deep reverb with a dark edge, which caters really nice to single coil pickups, but works wonders for humbuckers as well with its pronounced, deep and church-like ring, and the Tailgating TonePrint for FlashBack Delay and Flashback X4. The Tailgating TonePrint is a classic 2290 sound with a bit of modulation, great for adding a bit of character and textures to your tone.

Paul Riario said, "I've always loved TC Electronic stuff. Right from the first time I heard a 2290 delay unit, I knew they were special. I was so pleased to hear that the Flashback X4 delivers that sound and to be able to add my own twist to it was special. I think it's a sound guitarists will really enjoy, it's a delay that works with your playing, the delayed tones will be 'chasing' what you play in a very rhythmic fashion."

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic added, "Paul obviously knows tone. From the second he picked up a guitar and just strummed away a bit, I knew he could make some killer tones. I think both the reverb and the delay TonePrints he did show tons of character, without being a show-off effect. And, I mean, I've been reading Guitar World since forever so meeting him was kind of a big deal. I already knew he understands guitar gear and is a monster player - but to find out he was a great guy who simply loves music only sweetened the deal."

Pricing and Availability:

Free to TonePrint pedal users.

You can win a Hall of Fame Reverb pedal and a Flashback Delay pedal preloaded with Paul's TonePrints by liking TC Electronic's Facebook page.

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