Butch Trucks And Crazy Tales Of Duane Allman

Drummer with Allman Brothers goes 'Fishin' With Duane'   20-Feb-13

The mythology around the Allman Brothers is especially rife, as with most bands of the era, so who better than to confirm/dispel that mythology than their drummer, Butch Trucks.

Butch has recorded a new series of videos called 'Fishin' With Duane', in which he discusses the first time Duane met Eric Clapton, and went on to appear on Derek and the Dominos's debut album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

Butch Trucks says in the video that if Duane hadn't appeared on the album, we may simply never have heard of it. Making the case that the album wouldn't have been as masterful as it was if Duane had not given his input.

Butch also talks about the infamous episode with a journalist from Rolling Stone magazine, who the band did not see eye to eye with. Check out the video to hear the tale brilliantly retold by Butch.


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