Alex Hutchings Studio Demo Shows off Boss GT-100 and Octa-Capture

Great playing from Alex, and top notch effects   20-Feb-13

You can pretty much always rely on Alex Hutchings for guitar playing of the very highest standard. This video, live from RS Studio in Alex's hometown, Bristol, not only shows off his jaw-dropping style but also shows off two Roland products.

Alex gets a beautiful tone from the Boss GT-100 effects processor, and his rig is being tracked through the Roland Octa-Capture, a product we were particularly impressed with (and did a particularly fun review of) when it was released a few years back.

The GT-100 is the latest flagship model in Boss's line of high powered digital signal processor effects units, and scored impressive reviews for the re-modelling of the Roland COSM amps into pedal board format.

As well as powerful DSP, it also feels familiar for those who are used to using pedal boards, with customizable patches and a great deal of editing capabilities. These can be saved to presets and allocated to footswitches, which is how Alex Hutchings switches between sounds in the video above.

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