YouTube Guitarist of the Week: Sean Ashe

Sean gets the nod from us, for his February rock jam   19-Feb-13

This week's YouTube guitarist of the week is Sean Ashe, for his awesome 'February Rock Jam' posted on his YouTube channel.

Sean's playing is smoother than Barry White covered in silk, and he channels the best elements of modern rock playing with a fusion sensibility. He's definitely one to keep an eye (and an ear) on.

The mark of a great guitarist is knowing when to hold back, when to push the melody and when to run down a lick with blistering speed and dexterity, and Sean possesses that instinct in his playing.

Check out his video above, which also features Lyle Watt. Also be sure to check out Sean Ashe's product reviews (also to be found on his YouTube channel).

Congratulations to Sean!

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