New Fretlight Guitar

FG-500 features upgraded electronics   18-Feb-13

New Fretlight Guitar

Fretlight have got a new website that's easier to navigate and let's customers purchase right from the guitar product pages. They also have new FG-500 guitars which they say sport some significant changes, all aimed toward making the Fretlight the world's easiest guitar to play. Here's what  they have to say about them:

  • 1. The FG-500's electronics have been upgraded to an all-new Sonix Flash chipset, complete with on-board capability for future growth, and fully compatible with all existing Fretlight software.


  • 2. The new high efficiency electronics produce the brightest and most consistent LED lights ever. Whether you're lighting a simple riff, or a scale across the entire fretboard, the lights will maintain a consistent brightness.


  • 3. Additionally, all FG-500 guitars have a Stratabond™ neck. Stratabond is a state-of-the-art engineered hardwood that yields uncommon strength and rigidity across ever changing environmental conditions. Perfect for a guitar necks that are susceptible to expansion and contraction due to varying humidity levels. The FG-500's Stratabond birch neck will provide very consistent performance for years to come.

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