Give Your Guitar A Facelift With Stunning Handpainting From Bad Ace

Not a fan of relicing? Go in the opposite direction   17-Feb-13

Tim says that he painted his first guitar in 2007, but that he wasn't nervous about the task in hand:

"The first guitar I painted was a Dean acoustic back in early 2007. I wasn’t nervous in the least. The guitar belonged to a good friend of mine who was, and still is a huge supporter of my work.

"I knew he would love whatever I came up with, and he did. Nerves aren’t an issue for me. I love what I do, and I have a lot of fun doing it.

"I pay close attention to what my customers ask for, and the guitars don’t leave my studio until they are exactly how I want them. That makes me confident that my customers will be happy with the finished product."

When it comes to picking a favourite, it's not easy for Tim, but he has a few:

"There are a handful that really stand out to me. The Pink Floyd Schecter is definitely one of my favorites. As well as the Ouija Board Ovation, and the White Les Paul with gold binding.

"But if I had to pick one, I suppose it would be the upright bass I did for the bassist for the local Denver band, The Royal Dead. I absolutely love the way it came out, and the sheer size of it made it a great challenge."

(Please note: all binding is hand painted, as well as headstock decal)

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