Orange Unveil Photo Of Prototype Effects Pedals

Research and Development working overtime at Orange   15-Feb-13

Orange Unveil Photo Of Prototype Effects Pedals

Orange Amps have unveiled a photograph of two new prototype pedals, which are currently in the research and development stage.

The pedals are labelled as 'Drive 572' and 'Drive 573' respectively, with the former showing a similar display panel to that found on an Orange Tiny Terror - with volume, tone and gain dials.

The other pedal has a dial which is labelled with two diagrams - a sine wave on the left hand side, and a square wave on the right hand side.

This was something Orange obviously felt the need to hold back on for NAMM, and might have been deciding to launch the new products at MusikMesse in April.

However, they posted the photo to their Facebook page earlier today, claiming that Premier Guitar had already let the cat out of the bag by publicly posting pictures.

Big thumbs up to the guys at Premier Guitar, it will be interesting to hear these pedals in action when they're finished up at R&D.

The pedal market is perhaps the most saturated corner of the guitar market at present, and many amp companies are choosing to muscle in on market share with new pedal releases.

Orange are at the top of their game when it comes to amplifiers, but they'll have a lot of competition in the pedals market.

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