65Amps Full Factory Tour, And Exciting News (VIDEO)

We take a look at the new 65Amps home, with Dan Boul   15-Feb-13

65Amps recently announced that they were moving home, relocating to a bigger premises with a CNC machine. The boutique amp company were spreading their wings and expanding production.

Having been on a tour of 65Amps' previous workshop last year, Dan Boul invited us back to check out the new premises in Los Angeles.

The place is huge! And it's really exciting to see that 65Amps are going to be able to cut down their production time, and also cut down on costs, this saving is going to be passed onto customers with a cheaper 2013 price list. Happy days all round.

We timed our visit to the new premises perfectly, and had the chance to see the first production unit cabs being cut on a CNC machine, which was incredible to see.

Even though in an ideal world it's great to see a cab being hand built, for a company that has grown up and is shipping units all over the world, the engineering feat of the CNC machine, something which changed the face of guitar production, is essential to the growth of the company, and it's astonishing to see it in the flesh.

We also got the exclusive news that 65Amps will be releasing a new line of pedals, in a new metal encasement which replicates the look of Dan Boul's amplifiers.

On top of this, Dan shared with Rich that 65Amps are developing a new line of PCB amplifiers, which will be at a lower price point than both the red and blue editions of the current line.

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