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New website from Seymour Duncan media guru Scott Olson   11-Feb-13

Walk into your local music store and see if you can find a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Chances are, unless you happen to live next door to Norman's Rare Guitars, you won't have much luck.

There are a number of existing places on the web where you can find guitars, but now there could be one single site for finding guitars for sale.

Seymour Duncan's Media Manager, Scott Olson, has announced that he has launched a new platform to give guitar sellers and buyers a one-stop resource to find every guitar for sale around the globe.

Created as a personal project, his new site 'Sell This Guitar' uses the web to do what it does best: connect buyers and sellers of guitars, basses and acoustics.

Whether you are looking to buy the $99 Squire from the kid down the street, or you're searching for that '52 Goldtop you've been dreaming of, Scott Olson tells us that Sell This Guitar will be able to help you find it.

Using a maps interface, the system allows you to search within your own town or even globally for specific guitars.

You can sell an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar by clicking where you live, entering a brief description of your instrument and uploading a picture. A simple contact form allows people to get in touch with you without making your email public.

Some notable features include:

- Worldwide searchability

- Free access to buy or sell instruments

- Image upload and icon selection options

- Rare guitar finds within your own backyard

- Built-in auto-location randomizer to ensure your actual location is secure. While guitar stores will want to use the precise icon feature, Sell This Guitar's auto-location feature will give users the piece of mind that no one will know the real location of their prized guitars. If any scurvy tone pirate wants to try and find your treasured ES-175 while you are away, they will have nothing to play but the blues.

- Sell This Guitar offers a great outlet for selling that guitar that you no longer use, and finding the guitar of your dreams. Use the search feature to discover instruments both within your community and within the walls of your local guitar stores.

Sell This Guitar can be found at:

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