Learn More Joe Bonamassa Licks

Lick Library brings out Quick Licks Joe Bonamassa Vol.2   11-Feb-13

Learn More Joe Bonamassa Licks

Lick Library have just released Quick Licks Joe Bonamassa Vol. 2, which they say will help you master his style of playing with in-depth guitar lessons from renowned teacher Danny Gill. This DVD of LickLibrary lessons concentrates on demonstrating licks in a slow blues style using the classic 12/8 groove in the key of A minor.

A spokesperson told us, "Quick licks Joe Bonamassa Vol 2 introduces more than forty guitar licks in the style of one of the most critically acclaimed blues guitarists in the world today - Joe Bonamassa. Danny shows you note for note each lick, suggesting ways in which you can put them altogether, or make them your own as you improvise over the included jam track. He discusses Joe's use of pentatonic and diatonic scales, his picking hand tricks and many other techniques he employs. Start slowly, build up speed and you will soon be playing blues guitar with all the panache of the man himself. With Joe Bonamassa starting his annual European Tour soon you can check out this new release and other related DVDs such as Quick Licks Joe Bonamassa Vol.1, Up Tempo Blues in the key of G and Jam with Joe Bonamassa, by visiting LickLibrary."

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