Backstage Pass With Zakk Wylde And Black Label Society (Video)

Honest, frank, and full-on, it's BLS on tour!   08-Feb-13

Here's an epic video of Black Label Society on tour, complete with a brilliant set of interviews with Zakk Wylde, who explains why he throws guitars and monitors into the audience, and occasionally destroys the stage...

The Black Label Society family is a large theme in the video, with Zakk talking about what the fans mean to him.

But some of the best footage is the behind the scenes parts showing Nick, JD and Zakk during their downtime before shows, and of course, the footage from the gigs is always great to watch.

Here's a great quote from the video from Zakk:

"In Black Label, if a man doesn't f***ing bleed, and he doesn't cry, you don't trust him. He ain't a f***ing man."

True say, Mr Wydle.

Be sure too check out our interview with Nick Catanese of Black Label Society.

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