New Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret Sounds Unbelievable! (VIDEO)

Rarely, so rarely, are we this blown away by a pedal demo   07-Feb-13

It's part of our job to look around for the best new pedals, and when we first heard about the new Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret last month, it sounded like it would be even better than the original.

The new pedal has a switchable circuit, which can emulate either the Marshall Super Lead, and Marshall Super Bass.

On this video, with a Fender Strat plugged into the new Dirty Little Secret, and then plugged into a Fender Princeton, the tone is just incredible.

The slight rattle on the break-up of the low mids, the fuzzy lows, it's just so accurate. It's not very often that a video demo of a new product impresses us this much, but this one really hits the spot.

Check the video out, if you're a fan of the Plexi sound, you're going to be impressed, we can guarantee it.

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