WNAMM13: Hendrix Producer Eddie Kramer Produces F-Pedals

Micro sized range of signature pedals   04-Feb-13

    MP4 3:56 mins    

Winter NAMM 2013 - F-Pedals

Eddie Kramer can be reasonably called a legend - from his work with Hendrix through Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Kiss - he's someone with a Rock pedigree. Indeed, this range of guitar pedals is designed to capture the essence of The Golden Age of Rock.

After working with  Francesco Sondelli for the last 12 months they've created three new Eddie Kramer Signature slimline stomps called the F-Pedal Eddie Kramer range.

We grabbed a camera as local YouTube guitar guru Rob Chapman put them through their paces, and afterwards got  an introduction to the range with Eddie and Francesco.

EK EDstortion

EK Phasevibe

EK Echobox

Available later this year






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