WNAMM13: Brilliant and Beautiful Fender Custom Shop Specials (VIDEO)

Story of the Ritchie Blackmore Strat explained   27-Jan-13

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The Fender Custom Shop guitars are tantalisingly displayed in a roped off area of Fender's NAMM display, and it's no surprise that they are so closely guarded, some of these guitars are the original prototypes used in the development process.

One such example is the new Fender Custom Shop Ritchie Blackmore signature Stratocaster. It looks stunning in the flesh, and chatting to Mike Eldred, Director of Fender Custom Shop, it's clear to see that a lot of thought, love and research has gone into the faithful replication of this guitar.

It's not just a copy of the specifications on Ritchie Blackmore's black '68 Strat, it's a recreation of the exact state the Strat was in when Ritchie record Machine Head.

On top of this, Fender Custom Shop were also showing off some interesting new models, including a very posh version of the Cabronita Telecaster. The Cabronita is no longer the black sheep of the Custom Shop family, she's the matriarch.

Watch the video to see some of special 2013 releases from Fender Custom Shop.

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