WNAMM13: Gittler Guitar Demonstrated And Explained (VIDEO)

The reintroduction of a striking design classic,   26-Jan-13

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When it was announced toward the end of the last year that the Gittler guitar would be making a comeback, there was a great deal of buzz online.

We spoke to a member of the Amped community who owns one of the original limited run guitars, and the general consensus online seemed to be that it was a great thing that the iconic guitar was going to be made available to the wider market.

Gittler instruments started selling their first units at NAMM this year, and shortly after the show, models will be available for direct purchase on their website.

For us, the most important thing was hearing the guitar in action, it's something we previously thought we'd never hear in the flesh, because the whereabouts of a number of the original models are not known.

But now that it's back, we caught up with Russ from Gittler Instruments to talk about the guitar and to hear a demonstration. Watch the video for the full interview and demo.

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