WNAMM13: DiabloFX Wireless Pedal Looper

250ft range of wireless switching you say?   26-Jan-13

    MP4 3:9 mins    

This really caught my eye today and I just had to get a video. In a nutshell it's a wireless switching system for your pedals. There are dozens of switching companies out there all with their pros and cons but this was a new take on the idea with a couple of nifty features. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the fact that it's wireless, giving you a 250ft range to control the switching system. This has a couple of advantages, not least that you can set up your pedals and keep them off stage whilst controlling them from wherever you want but it also means that you can have less cable between your pedals and your amp, less cable = less interference with your tone. The whole system is true bypass so if everything does go wrong and you loose power, you just get bypassed into your amp (or whatever you plug the system into).

Retails at $599 and will be available in the UK in the next few weeks.

Check out the Diablo FX website and our Facebook page while you're at it!


Rob H

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