WNAMM13: The 5 Coolest Things We Saw At NAMM Day 1

What was hot on day 1?   25-Jan-13

On day one of NAMM, we saw a lot of cool stuff. It's always a mad scramble trying to rush round and cover the new releases from the bigger companies, but rest assured that as the show goes on, we will be gearing our content more towards the boutique companies and the cool new innovations that make you go "why didn't I think of that?"

But on day 1, it was all about the giants of the industry, and there was plenty of great gear to go around.

So here we go, here's the five coolest things we saw on day 1...

First up is the new range of mini Fuzz Faces from Jim Dunlop. There are currently three different color coded pedals in the new range, each containing a different transistor. One is the exact same circuit as the JHF1 Hendrix Fuzz Face, and then you also have a germanium transistor model, and a silicone transistor model.

They're so tiny! Check 'em out below:

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