WNAMM13: Nick Wheeler of The All American Rejects Talks Gear With Amped

We catch up with Nick at NAMM 2013   25-Jan-13

    MP4 14:1 mins    

Winter NAMM 2013, Anaheim:

Nick Wheeler was at the Dean Markley booth at NAMM 2013, signing autographs and chatting to fans. We caught up with Nick, who is a self-confessed guitar gear fanatic, and asked him how he uses his rig on the road and in the studio, and spoke about the tones used on some of the All American Reject's best known tunes.

One thing we were dying to find out more about was his use of the talkbox, which is used on a number of the band's records. Nick gave us the low down on his favourite pedals, including his talkbox, and his ever-evolving live rig.

Watch the video to find out more...

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