WNAMM13: MI Audio Flex SmartAmp Sent Home By US Customs?

MI Audio cancel SmartAmp press conference and send it home   25-Jan-13

WNAMM13: MI Audio Flex SmartAmp Sent Home By US Customs?


It appears that the MI Audio Flex SmartAmp, which as surely on course to be one of the biggest products at this year's NAMM show, has been packed up and sent home.

They've cancelled their press conference, and the MI Audio Flex SmartAmp has been packed up and removed from the company's booth

[update directly from Bianka at MI Audio:

it never made it past customs so didn't get a chance to be removed!! We were stopped at the airport and it was impounded there. The rest of our gear was shipped over which is why our other combos, amps and pedals made it to the show but Flex SmartAmp didn't."]

Bizarre news, and a big shame, because it was an interesting product.

Here's the press release...

MI Audio would like to thank everyone for their interest in Flex SmartAmp. We couldn't wait to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of Flex SmartAmp to the delegates at NAMM; unfortunately it looks as though US Customs wants a closer look too!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be showing Flex SmartAmp at Winter NAMM '13.

The press conference scheduled for Saturday 26th January at 1:30 has been cancelled.

The interest from the media and other industry bodies has been astounding. We look forward to debuting Flex SmartAmp to you soon. For those who had RSVP'd to our event or organised a time to meet with us, you will be making up our Priority VIP list. You will be the first to know of our new release dates and any new information. WATCH THIS SPACE!


New for 2013 are four 1 x 12 combos that are part of the "Vintage Reimagined" series. These amplifiers are Michael Ibrahim's innovative take on classic designs – pushing the boundaries of the classic circuits whilst respecting the legacy of the originals. The Apache, Aquarius, Crystal Lattice and The Duchess are all based on much-loved American and British sounds with a unique twist, be it the eight-knob reverb/tremolo circuit on the Aquarius or the programmable EQ section of the smooth, blues-y Crystal Lattice... there is a tone here for any amp aficionado!


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