WNAMM13: Line 6 Introduces James Tyler Variax JTV-89F Guitar

New solidbody guitar features Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech   25-Jan-13

Line 6 has introduced JTV-89F, the newest member of the James Tyler Variax family. They say that, with a Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech and the ability to virtually tune down a whole octave without impacting playability or intonation, JTV-89F is ready to throw down like the hammer of Thor.

Max Gutnik, Vice President of Product Management, Line 6, told us, "JTV-89F is a killer addition to the James Tyler Variax family. Many players of heavier styles have been asking for a Variax with a double-locking tremolo, and we heard them--even over all the shredding."

Line 6 had this to say, "The ultimate recording guitar, James Tyler Variax can sound like an entire collection of instruments. By combining patented, industry-leading Line 6 modeling with boutique-style craftsmanship, JTV-89F delivers an extreme range of tones within a single guitar.

The Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system by Graph Tech is designed for rock-solid stability even in the face of serious abuse. The custom-designed bridge includes built-in piezo crystals that flawlessly translate the Variax guitar tone and dynamics. The precision piezos are housed inside a set of Graph Tech String Saver saddles, which are highly resistant to rust, corrosion or perspiration--ideal for sweat-stained stages and beer-soaked venues. In addition, JTV-89F features a classic six-in-line headstock configuration that further enhances tuning stability."

JTV-89F is available in Black and Blood Red finishes. Line 6 also offers a US Custom Series version of JTV-89F with even more paint finish options.

Pricing and Availability:

JTV-89F is now available.

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