WNAMM13: Dan Boul And Peter Stroud About The Future of 65Amps (VIDEO)

Peter demonstrates the new variation on the Producer   25-Jan-13

    MP4 10:30 mins    

Winter NAMM 2013:

Dan Boul and Peter Stroud invited us into the 65Amps inner sanctum (a giant live room in the shape of a 65Amps cab) to talk about the recent move to a new workshop, and the new version of the 65Amps Producer amplifier.

Dan and Peter, founders of the company, dispel rumours that the company has been sold to a third party, and explain to us why the recent move to a new premises will result in short waiting lists and cheaper prices.

Check out the vide for more information, as well as a brilliant demo of the new variation on the 65Amps Producer.

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