WNAMM13: New MXR Talkbox Sounds 'Great, Mate' (VIDEO)

Compact Talkbox from MXR, we think it's a winner   24-Jan-13

    MP4 3:58 mins    

This is definitely one of the coolest things we saw on day one of NAMM, it's the newly announced MXR Talkbox, and it sounds great.

A Talkbox can be a bit of an acquired taste, but MXR's latest effort will probably open up the market somewhat. It's compact (for a Talkbox), and MXR have eliminated the need for a separate power amp to drive the pedal, which is an issue with vintage talkboxes.

If you watch Dunlop's video demos of their own products, then you'll know that they've got some of the best demonstrations around, and luckily they brought the same guys to NAMM who play in the video demos on their Youtube channel... so we were in good company.

Tal Morris gave us a blast on the MXR Talkbox, so check out the video to hear it in action, also check it out to hear his entertaining impression of a British accent!

For more information on the new pedal, head to the Dunlop website.


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