WNAMM13: TC Electronic TonePrint Editor Demonstrated On Video (World First Look)

The long awaited editing program for your TC TonePrint Pedal   23-Jan-13

    MP4 4:20 mins    

This was only announced yesterday so we are really exited to get a first look at the much awaited TonePrint Editor. This software will let you modify or totally recreate the sound of your TonePrint pedal. Rich spoke to Russel from TC and got a few more details about the TonePrint Editor.

It's what we've all been waiting for, but as we found out, it does differ slightly from what artists such as John Petrucci have used when they created their signature TonePrints.

According to Russel from TC though, that's a good thing, as the original non-public editor was apparently fairly difficult to use. He assures us that we will have access to about 95% of the parameters that the signature artists had access to, and from a look at the interface, it looks user friendly and quite straight forward.

You can actually turn a delay pedal into a chorus... but you'll have to watch the video to find out how!

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Rob H

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