WNAMM13: Peavey Vypyr Range Does... Well Pretty Much Everything Actually

More knobs, dials, and flashing lights than you can shake a guitar at   23-Jan-13

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"Cor blimey, Peavey" is the phrase that came into our heads when looking at the new Peavey Vypyr range. This amp is more flexible than a Russian gymnast.

We chatted to Alex Skolnick, of Testament and Alex Skolnick Trio, about the new amplifier, and he claims that despite its extensive range of effects and amp sims, it's actually quite easy to use.

Alex had the new Peavey Vypyr amp for a day before doing a demo in front of hundreds of people at NAMM, so that's a good testament (geddit?!!) to its user friendliness.

You can plug an electro-acoustic guitar into it, or you could go for an electric guitar or bass. It has a number of inbuilt effects also, and amp simulators of Peavey's famous amps.

Check out the video for more information.

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