WNAMM13: Hear The New Fargen John Lennon Artist Series Amp

New John Lennon Artist amp from Fargen   23-Jan-13

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Rich spoke to Ben Fargen about the new John Lennon Artist Series amp. It sounds pretty swish, with a dial to change from authentic 60s 'Liverpool' sound, to a scooped 70s 'Plastic Ono' sound.

Here's all the info from the press release:

The Artist Series amplifier is a magnificent fusion of John Lennon's music and his art. The series features select Lennon drawings and each is available in a limited, numbered edition of eleven.

Span Lennon's 60's Liverpool and 70's Plastic Ono Band tones through the use of the two-way Decade Switch and enjoy the warmth and depth of best-in-class, boutique amp engineering. The combination of pure White Tolex with a White Grill cloth provides an innovative and unique canvas for John Lennon's drawings, which now flourish in this work of sonic and visual art.

Fargen uses a specially designed and manufactured grill cloth on which the drawing is printed. Following the same dimensions and hand-crafted wood working techniques, the Artist Series cabinet was born. Its dovetail-jointed solid Poplar cabinet sides and rear panels with a speaker baffle gives this cabinet an incredible tonal advantage over conventional plywood cabinet designs. The result is a warm, natural tone projection that retains all of the vintage vibe of the amplifier.

Features include:

  • Hand crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Vibrant print of a limited John Lennon drawing
  • Premium white tolex
  • Acoustically transparent, UV protected grill cloth
  • 2xEL84 15 Watt power amp design
  • 2x12AX7 preamp and phase inverter tubes
  • Vintage 60's style mustard tone caps
  • Vintage carbon comp resistors
  • Two-way mode tone shift Decade Switch
  • Hi- and Lo- power switch
  • Custom hand-built parts tag board
  • Belton high grade tube sockets
  • Custom built proprietary JL-15, 12-inch Alnico speaker
  • Evidence Audio Siren II high-end speaker cable
  • Premium Poplar side/rear panels with a 13mm Baltic Birch speaker baffle
  • Exclusive bracket isolates and dampens cabinet vibration and tube rattle
  • Precision dovetail joinery utilizing a proprietary two-part epoxy
  • John Lennon's signature
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ben Fargen


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Rob H

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