Create Speaker Cabinets For The Kemper Profiler

New Cabmaker software tool loads impulse responses   23-Jan-13

Create Speaker Cabinets For The Kemper Profiler

Kemper Amps, the makers of the Kemper Profiler has announced the new Kemper Profiler Cabmaker Software.

A spokesperson told us, "A lot of owners asked for a way to load impulse responses into the Kemper Profiler to extend the amount of available Cabinet simulations. There are a lot of places where users can access libraries loaded with IR taken from the most diverse kinds of speaker systems, so the team created Cabmaker, a straightforward software tool for Mac and PC that reads IR Wave Files and converts these into local Cab Presets for the Kemper Profiler. The Kemper Profiling Technology caters for lively and dynamic Cabinet performance even with just static IR Data."

Pricing and Availability:

Cab Converter is a free download from the Kemper Amps website.

More information:


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