Pictures: What Do We Know About The New Wampler Distortion Pedal?

Only a few details yet to be revealed   18-Jan-13


One final picture for you:

So here's a few significant features:

Two outputs

Switchable signal path

Two distortion channels with separate stomps

The channels are different, one likely 'heavier' than the other

Basically, this will be one hell of a versatile distortion pedal, that's the selling point. Some people online have been guessing that it's a fuzz pedal, I can categorically tell you that it is not a fuzz pedal.

So the switchable signal path means that you could have 'channel 1' as a pre-boost to give you a signal boost for solos, or you could have it as a post boost for saturating your tone with more distortion, and set up a 'step-up' distortion rig, favoured by many musicians.

You can also separate the two channels. There are two inputs and two outputs on the pedal. We're guessing that if you separate the two channels, then they come out of separate outputs, which means you could send them to different amps, having the 'lighter' channel one going to your clean amp, for a crunchy sound, and and the other pedal sending your distortion amp over the top.

But another possibility, is that the signal could also be split before it gets to the pedal, as there are two inputs. So an A/B switch placed before the pedal, which engages the bypass on one channel as it is disengages the bypass on another, would turn the pedal into an amp in a box. Brilliant if you've got a single channel amplifier, and you want to turn it into a triple channel amplifier.

If it sounds great, then this pedal will be incredible... what I am talking about? It's WAMPLER! Of course it will sound great.

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