Rock Sounds From Joe Perry, Steve Morse And Steve Stevens

TC Electronic releases free Classic Rock TonePrint package   16-Jan-13

TC Electronic has announced the next iteration of their TonePrint campaigns by releasing a package comprised of what they believe are some of the coolest classic rock sounds around. This package is available for free at their website or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and  Android.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic, told us, "I see this package as meat-n-potatos, and I mean that with full respect. It's just that the sounds in this package are to the point. They get down to business immediately, sound excellent right out of the box and just beg to be rocked. No fancy-schmancy stuff but sounds that are instantly applicable in every blues, rock- and metal context. In short, these sounds rock."

Here's TC's full rundown of the package:

Leading this package is Joe Perry, the legendary Aerosmith guitarist who contributes with five TonePrints. The Joe Perry Chorus TonePrint is a sweet slowly rotating swirl that is both laid-back and pronounced.The Joe Perry Slap Delay TonePrint is a classic slapback that shows Joe's love for country style guitarists. The Joe Perry Tape Lead TonePrint is a warm sounding delay effect that works great with lead sounds and responds very well to a bit (or a lot) of dirt and grit, just as Joe likes his lead sounds. The Joe Perry Vibrato TonePrint delivers a sweet wow-and-flutter sound that is caught and represented perfectly in this TonePrint, where a pronounced, but never overly aggressive sound will liven up your licks and comping. And finally, the Joe Perry Flanger TonePrint is sleazy, suggestive and full of dirt - a sound you simply got to try if your heart beats for rock!

Steve Morse brings his own unique Delay TonePrint, that perfectly replicates the sound Steve uses live and in the studio. Also included in this package is Steve's Reverb TonePrint that's aimed at big open sounds and a nice Spring Reverb TonePrint.

Audley Freed delivers his Leslie Vibrato TonePrint, a classic Leslie Rotary sounds with a nice sound tone and plenty of shimmer and a Slap Delay TonePrint, where super short repeats give an almost reverb-like ambience to sounds.

Steve Stevens (Michael Jackson, Billy Idol and Vince Neill) contributes his Ladyland Flanger, a through-zero flange in the center of classic flange sounds, originally created using 2 tape delays and manually changing their speed and the Steve Stevens Echo, a classic delay sound with a long delay time and a nice sharp edge.

Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Slash's Snakepit) ups the ante with his Flashback 77 TonePrint, an all purpose delay setting, fit not just for rhythm parts, but also for solos as well, inspired by the great analog delays of the late 1970's. Ryan also made Back In Stockholm, his personal favorite TonePrint - perfect for coloring solos and enhancing whole parts, a sort Leslie-like effect that takes a little while to kick in.

And finally, Australian guitar virtuoso Orianthi contributes with a flange and chorus TonePrint. The Orianthi Flange is a classic flange sound which is nice and clean sounding but with tons of depth, while the Orianthi Chorus has a relatively high speed and quite a lot of depth to the tone; and a distinct TriChorus flavor.

Pricing and Availability:
Free to TonePrint pedal users.

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