NAMM 2013 Guitar Coverage: 5 Things That Will Be Huge This Year

Guitarists, this is what to look out for this year at NAMM   12-Jan-13


5) MI Audio

MI Audio, parent company of MI Amplification and MI Effects, have been busy with building some of the most interesting products of all this year.

First off is the Flex SmartAmp, it's the iOS controlled all-analog amp which promises to be a true chameleon, an analog modelling amp (if you will).

Other companies have flirted with this type of technology before, but if this amp sounds the business... i.e. if it can sound both like a classic blues combo, and then a few seconds later like a modern high gain amp, with the touch of one button, then perhaps it will take-off in a big way.

The design and title of the amp are a bit more reminiscent of something you might see at CES, rather than NAMM, but hopefully the obvious nod towards the aesthetic of a modelling amp might work in its favour.

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