NAMM 2013 Guitar Coverage: 5 Things That Will Be Huge This Year

Guitarists, this is what to look out for this year at NAMM   12-Jan-13


4) Fender

Seems like a bit of an obvious choice, but the product developers at Fender must have been working overtime recently. Here's the highlights of what we know so far about the new Fender products at NAMM:

  • New Fender Select series with Telecasters, Stratocaster, and Jazz bass
  • New Pawn Shop series including the return of the Fender Bass IV, Super Sonic, and a new Mustang bass
  • New Custom Shop collection including Stratocaster, Telecaster and Esquire
  • New products from Gretsch, which is owned by Fender
This is one of the first places we'll be going on the first day of NAMM, particularly for the Super Sonic, the Bass IV, and the Esquire.

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