NAMM 2013 Guitar Coverage: 5 Things That Will Be Huge This Year

Guitarists, this is what to look out for this year at NAMM   12-Jan-13

3) TC Electronic

TC Electronic have come up with what looks to be a complete winner, just in time for NAMM. The Ditto Looper is their new product, a lightweight, inexpensive, simple looper pedal with 5 minutes of storage and the ability for unlimited overdubs.

It's more stripped back than existing offerings from rival company Boss in this area, with just one knob, and one stomp switch, it might attract the group of people who do not need anything complex or multi-faceted.

It's the simplicity of the pedal which will become the selling point, mainly aimed at the home rehearsal market, probably not as useful for the ever expanding group of solo artists who base their live performances around looper pedals. But it might just convince guitarists who have never felt they need a looper before to add a looper to their arsenal.

A smart product and a smart move, and chances are that this isn't the only new product TC Electronic will be unveiling at NAMM.

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