NAMM 2013 Guitar Coverage: 5 Things That Will Be Huge This Year

Guitarists, this is what to look out for this year at NAMM   12-Jan-13

2) Schecter

James Brown (not the 'sex machine'), designer of such legendary and timeless amps as the Peavey 5150 and Peavey Classic 30, has teamed up with Schecter to create the brand new 'Hellraiser' 100 watt amp.

Why is this exciting? Well Schecter are primarily known for making great, affordable guitars for metal, and James Brown is known for making the number one metal amp on the planet, the 5150.

Together? There's no reason they haven't produced something spectacular. Interestingly, the 2x12 combo version of the amp is fitted with two Celestion Vintage 30s, which aren't usually the weapon of choice for modern metal. So what we might have here is something built for a classic metal sound.

If that's true, then we can't wait to hear it.

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