NAMM 2013 Guitar Coverage: 5 Things That Will Be Huge This Year

Guitarists, this is what to look out for this year at NAMM   12-Jan-13

1) Orange Amps

We know Orange have got something big planned... because they've told us. They think it's a sufficiently big step forward in terms of technology that they've labelled it a 'world first' and will be streaming the unveiling of the product (at 10am PST on January 24th) live across the world.

The buzzwords you usually hear from every company at NAMM include 'revolutionary', 'game changer', 'world first', so it will be interesting to see if what Orange have got up their sleeves for NAMM 2013 is actually a piece of useful revolutionary technology for guitarists, or if it's just a gimmick for the sake of being different.

The mystery product is not the one which has been announced by Orange in the lead up to NAMM, a new twin channel OR100 has been announced, as well as the Custom Shop 50.

So it's obviously going to be a big year for NAMM, particularly if this new mystery product of theirs is any good! Their last piece of revolutionary technology was the OPC, which was essentially a computer and amplifier mixed into one, specialised for recording and mixing. It was a cool idea, but didn't quite capture the imagination of the wider market.

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