The Greatest Looper For Guitarists Ever

TC Electronic give us the official word on their new Ditto Looper   10-Jan-13

The Greatest Looper For Guitarists Ever

We brought you preliminary news and a video a couple of days ago, but now TC has sent us the official press release on Ditto which they are describing as 'The greatest looper for guitarists ever', read on...

TC Electronic is proud to announce Ditto Looper, a looper that has been made by guitarists specifically for guitarists. Ditto Looper is the first looper to combine fun, simplicity and great sound quality with a feature-set and functionalities designed for guitarists.

What puts Ditto Looper miles ahead of the looper pack is its completely new approach to looping and guitarists. TC Electronic designed Ditto Looper with guitarists and guitarists only in mind, not singers, drummers or whoever else might want to try looping, and put things in a live context. This resulted in a looper that is 100% intuitive and takes up virtually no space on guitarists' pedal boards.

But make no mistake, Ditto Looper's feature set is as stunning as its design - every thought that went into development and construction is dedicated to guitarists. This resulted in features that actually matter to guitarists, like True Bypass and Analog-Dry-Through, 5 minutes of looping time, 24 bit uncompressed super-high audio quality, an Undo/Redo function to help build songs, unlimited overdubs and an ultra-small footprint.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic, had this to say, "At TC HQ we really wanted to understand looping before we went to market with Ditto Looper. I mean, people do amazing things with looper pedals, but you almost need a degree in rocket science to make sense of all the functionalities. I think Ditto Looper is going to find its way into the heart of guitarists everywhere quickly. It's non-intimidating, super-simple and intuitive, has a great price, sounds killer and does what you want right out of the box."

Ditto Looper Main Features

  • 5 Minutes Looping Time
  • Unlimited Overdubs
  • Undo/Redo
  • True Bypass
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • 24 bit Uncompressed Audio

Pricing and Availability:

Available March 1st
$129 USD / 129 EUR / £105 GBP

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