Why Joe Bonamassa's Year In Review Is Good News For Guitarists

Time to be optimistic, guitarists   08-Jan-13

Why Joe Bonamassa's Year In Review Is Good News For Guitarists

"You know what? Guitar music is dying." It's a phrase I've heard before, I hear it every year, and every year I get a little bit more pissed off.

Guitar music isn't dying, you just need to look outside the charts, and to be honest, if everybody who likes non-pop music actually started paying for the music they like, then that music would get back in the charts, and guitar based music could become 'pop' music again (I mean 'pop' as in popular by definition).

Joe Bonamassa is a perfect example for me, he is a guitarist who knows his lineage, his style harks back to so many of the greats, while also being so easily recognisable as being his own sound.

He's taken blues to a new level, I don't mean to say that the new level he has taken it to is necessarily any better or worse than where it was 20 years ago, I'm not in a place to make that judgement at all, but he's done something different, and that's what we should all care about.

He isn't the only guitarist who is doing great thanks and reaching huge audiences, but Joe Bonamassa's 'Year In Review' video really brought it home for me. The guy's got two damn trucks for his band's stage rig, and it's every guitarist's teenage dream to have your name on the side of a truck in huge letters... well it was mine anyway.

Audiences around the world are going crazy for him, and it's the guitar playing they care about, that's his selling point.

So really, if you're a guitarist, and you tell me that nobody is listening to guitar music, then I'll just show you the Joe Bonamassa 'Year In Review' video and tell you that, actually, people obviously do like guitar music, it's just that nobody's listening to your guitar music. You should make better music!

But that last part would be slightly negative of me, and a bit harsh on you, and as the editor of a guitar website, I should really be positive about everybody who plays a guitar, because you're all great in my books.

So all I'm saying is that you should watch the Joe Bonamassa video, get totally psyched, start an amazing band or record an amazing album of your own, believe in what you're doing, tell yourself that people do want to listen to your music, you just need to reach them. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get a huge truck with your name on the side.

Do it.

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