Show & Tell - Bite The Buffalo

Check the rig, hear a song   21-Dec-12

    MP4 14:50 mins    

Welcome to our new feature 'Show and Tell', in which we catch up with some of the most exciting bands around, and get them to show us their rigs and play their songs.

In our first ever Show and Tell we have the honour of speaking to Bite The Buffalo, a British rock and roll band, originally from Zambia, who have just finished recording their debut album in a lighthouse in Dorset, UK.

In 2013 they will be releasing their new album, and touring the US and the UK, including a date at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Guitarist, Stos, has a rig full of fine fuzz boxes and odd trinkets, so we wanted to get him into the SonicState studio to find out about his gear.

The video also features a special performance of songs from the forthcoming album.