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TC Electronic releases Soul In The Pocket package of TonePrints   12-Dec-12

TC Electronic has announced a free package of TonePrints geared towards bassists. This package, called 'Soul In The Pocket' is comprised of TonePrints customized by some of the hottest session- and touring bassists in the industry and focuses on super high sound quality combined with effects that are ultra-useful. Soul In The Pocket is available now and can be downloaded free of charge at the URL listed below or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android. Here's TC descriptions of the sounds:

Soul In The Pocket holds a wide range of TonePrints that will excel in any situation. Rihanna MD Eric Smith contributes with a cool Vibrato TonePrint called Wetwipe, a fast vibrato with a nasty LFO waveform that adds tons of grit and The Tickler, a flange TonePrint with a cool and bubbly sound. This effect 'cuts' at the start of notes and comes out of the flange sweep towards the top of your sound, which gives a really nice blooming effect.

Andrew Levy, bass legend for the brand new heavies, contributes his Staircase Flange TonePrint, a winding flange with a great balance between speed and depth and his Basement Bash delay TonePrint, a nice tape delay that helps notes 'pop'.

Session legend and Chaka Khan bassist Melvin Lee Davis shares his Clean Flange TonePrint, which is a powerful and clear tape flange, as well as the Melvin Lee Davis Chorus TonePrint, an effect that really supports and enhances what you're playing.

And finally, Jay Leno's trusted bass player through the years and session giant Derrick Lee Murdock adds three signature TonePrints: Glass1, a super-tight delay where the repeats seem to almost overlap, His Royal Phatness, a modulated and beefy vibrato TonePrint and finally Mizone, a pronounced and modulated flange which quickly became his favorite sound.

Morten Ehlers, TC's Bass Product Specialist, told us, "I'm very happy we did the package the way we did it. We didn't want to go for crazy showboat stuff but really supply a toolbox that covers all the basics, with added sprinkles of stardust magic and make the quality of our effects shine through. I think we rocked it hard, and this collection of TonePrints will please, amaze and inspire bassists everywhere."

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