Jimi Hendrix: Musician

New book focuses on Hendrix's musical legacy   10-Dec-12

Jimi Hendrix: Musician

Many books about Jimi Hendrix have concentrated on showmanship and rock 'n' roll excess, but Keith Shadwick's Jimi Hendrix: Musician focuses on Hendrix's musical legacy and explains why Hendrix continues to enthrall succeeding generations of musicians. Here's the details in Backbeat  Books' own words:

Hendrix was a larger-than-life figure and that has sometimes obscured the role of his music in other books written about him.  Jimi Hendrix: Musician puts the music center stage and celebrates the power and the glory of Hendrix's short but intense career, when he was without rival in his power and his range.

Keith Shadwick explains the drama at the heart of his great work and shows how one musician used everything going on around him to create something entirely new. Jimi Hendrix: Musician was first published in 2003; Shadwick died from cancer in 2008 at the age of 57.  This new edition in a compact format, published as a tribute to Shadwick, features a new foreword by guitar historian and author Tony Bacon, who also added information about Hendrix recordings released since 2003 to the body of the text.

Placing Hendrix's work in the broadest possible musical context, encompassing rock, pop, soul, funk, jazz, blues, fusion, and a range of classical disciplines, Jimi Hendrix: Musician is the most detailed account anywhere of this legendary performer and his unforgettable music.

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